2 More Reasons to Keep Making Money from Home

2 More Reasons to Keep Making Money from Home


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A couple weeks back here on the Giftloop blog we shared with you a couple great reasons to make money at home. While we usually focus on how to make money from home, we thought it’d be great to talk about the why a little bit.

Our readers seemed to like it, too, so we’re back this week for more. Here are two more reasons to keep making money from home.

#1: Make Extra Money to Make Progress on Your Debt

One of the greatest reasons to pursue a side hustle is to make progress on your debt! Most of us have accumulated debt of one form or another as we’ve traveled through life. And it can seem hard to make a dent in it. Your paycheck only goes so far, and there’s never much left over to pay off debt.

That’s the beauty of making extra money from home. By definition, it’s extra! You can push as much of your extra side income toward paying off debt as you want.

One financial blogger talks about the “Reverse Latte” principle. Many money gurus point out how much money you could save by cutting out Starbucks (that’s the Starbucks principle). But this blogger takes it a step further: how much money could you make if you made just $4 or $5 easy bucks every day?

We’ll do the math: almost $2,000 in a year, if you’re consistent.

#2: Be With Your Family More

If you need to make extra money, you can always pick up a second job, like delivering pizzas. But that’s even more time spent away from your family. When you make your extra money from home, you can spend more time with your family. And that’s important to just about anyone with a family!

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