2 More Ways to Make Money Doing Things You Already Do

2 More Ways to Make Money Doing Things You Already Do

Here at Giftloop we’re all about making money from home and all sorts of other outside-the-box ways to make some extra cash. Working for that extra cash is a great thing, but what if you could turn things you’re already doing (for free) into cold, hard cash? That would be even better, right?

We got you started last week with a post featuring two ways to make money doing things you already do. And this week we’re back with two more!

Turn Cycling Into Side Hustling

Do you love riding your bike? Maybe you use it for exercise already. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to stay fit and are considering cycling. If you’re someone who gets exercise by riding a bicycle, you can turn your exercise routine into a side hustle.

If you live near a restaurant, check to see which delivery apps they use. Food delivery apps are always hiring new “drivers.” And cyclists are welcome, too!

Admittedly, this works better for people living in densely populated areas and near restaurants. And you’d probably make more money in your car. But if you’re looking to turn your current routine into a moneymaking routine, this can be a beautiful way to do it.

Check out services like GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Postmates. Look for services that will show you ahead of time where you’re going, since as a cyclist you don’t want to end up with really long routes.

Walker/Jogger? Take Someone Else’s Dogs Along

Maybe biking isn’t for you. If you’d rather walk or jog, you can still turn that into cash by taking someone else’s dogs along for the ride. Check out Rover and Wag and see if there are any dogs near you in need of walking.

Don’t Forget Giftloop

For the best return on investment, keep using Giftloop throughout your day so you can maximize how much you earn doing the things you already do!




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