2 Reasons to Make Extra Money from Home

2 Reasons to Make Extra Money from Home


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Here at Giftloop, we love helping our users find ways to make extra money at home! We love it so much that most of the posts on this blog have been about that exact thing. We’ve reviewed apps that help you make money and given you lots of other ideas, too.

We’ve talked a lot about how to make extra money at home, but we haven’t talked very much about the why. That’s about to change. In today’s post, let’s look at 2 reasons you might want to make extra money from home.

Reason #1: “Beer” Money

Reason #1 we’re calling “beer money,” even though it’s not really about beer. This is probably the easiest and most common reason to make extra money from home. Are there things in your life that you enjoy, but you can’t really justify spending money on them? Maybe it’s beer, maybe it’s eating out. It could be videogames, books, or trips to the theater.

You love it, but it doesn’t fit into your budget.

These kinds of things are a great motivation to make a little extra money. As long as you’re not spending much effort on the extra money, it kind of feels free. So why not burn it on something nonessential?

Reason #2: Pay It Forward

Another great reason to make a little extra cash is so you have the ability to pay it forward. Have you ever had someone pay for your order at the drive thru? If you’re like me, you probably thought “hey, that was super generous, but no way can I afford to do it!”

Same as the previous point, if you make some extra cash, you’ll have the bandwidth you need to be a little more generous.

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