ANOTHER 2 Ways to Make Money

ANOTHER 2 Ways to Make Money

We get it: everyone’s crazy busy, including you (and us!). Everyone wants to make a little more money, but we all need time to do so. Here at Giftloop we’re all about making the most of your busy schedules. We love helping you make money using your smartphone, and we’ve covered many ways to do that here on the blog.

Most of those apps require some amount of going out of your way. But not all of them. Do you want to make some cash while doing things you already do? Check out these awesome two apps below.

Walking Means Money: Earthmiles

Not only are we all busy and want to make money, most of us wouldn’t mind being healthier too! Earthmiles is the perfect app for anyone who would like to make money for being active. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play. Just by walking, jogging or cycling, you’ll earn earthmiles, which you can redeem for rewards.

A huge perk is you can link Earthmiles with many other exercise apps or devices. Walk, run or cycle your way to easy money!

Unlocking your Phone Means Money: Slidejoy

Why not make money for simply unlocking your phone? Slidejoy (available on Google Play) lets you do just that. This app places ads on your lockscreen. Just unlock your screen and you are well on your way to earning points toward PayPal or gift card payouts. Make money doing something you do dozens of times a day.

Keep Up the Good (And Easy) Work

We hope you are already using Giftloop. If you aren’t, then don’t wait any longer to begin making easy money on your phone. Imagine earning money while unlocking your phone or while walking your dog. We think both of these apps are no-brainers, and so is Giftloop. Get started right away!



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