3 Ways Budgeting Your Time Can Help You Make More Money

3 Ways Budgeting Your Time Can Help You Make More Money


Whether your days are spent in an office building or at home, chances are you aren’t using your time as effectively as you could be.

Budgeting money helps facilitate more savings, better returns on investments, and an overall healthy way to proactively make sure you’re financially sound. But when it comes to budgeting your time, rarely will you hear someone discuss their efforts in the same way they plan for their money. And while you can always make more money, you can’t make up lost time.

When you start thinking of your day in moments that are tied to your earnings, you can see how much you bring in at any time, but also how much you could be bringing in if you organized your days better.

Ready to make the most of your time?

1. Track Your Time To Find Money-Making Opportunities

How much of each day do you spend talking on the phone? Or looking at Facebook? Or merely staring out the window? The more you track how much time you spend on specific activities, the better you can prioritize them. Rather than opening a social app for mindless browsing, open Giftloop instead and earn some money with your free time.

2. Give Yourself Downtime To Stay Motivated

It’s easy to get into a mindset where you need to be working all the time, especially if you are balancing multiple income streams. But when you overload yourself, you run the risk of burning out, which can put you in a situation where you lose some of your income. When you budget your time, you can make sure that downtime stays that way, while still earning your full potential. Plus, when you can get paid for something as simple as playing games, you can even turn relaxing time into dollars.

3. Make Sure You Budget Time For Your Other Budget

When you plan out your time usage smartly, you’ll reap benefits beyond just making more money. It’s also important to dedicate some time to your financial budget so that you know when you may need to pick up more work, and when you can slow down. Smart budgeting time can also be spent finding new investment or savings opportunities and paying off debt, both of which will save you in the long run.

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