5 Ways To Make Money From Home That Don’t Require Much Effort

5 Ways To Make Money From Home That Don’t Require Much Effort


Whether you are a stay at home parent or are just looking for some opportunities to make some money on the side, chances are, you’d prefer a money-making opportunity that doesn’t require your full-time commitment.
While there are plenty of ways to make money from home, these are five that require minimal effort, perfect for your spare time. And as a bonus, we’re including some money-making opportunities that need more effort up front but will require less time and pay off more in the long run.
Very Low Effort Ways To Make Money

1. Sell items online – in most cases, you’ll just need to snap a photo, fill in relevant information, and field any buyer requests.

2. Rent items online – have a second car that’s not always in use? Rent it out using an app like Turo. From bikes to tools to extra questions you have lying around the house, chances are someone is willing to pay you to borrow it, and there is an app looking to connect you.

3. Spend time on your phone – whether you like to take quick surveys to share your opinion or prefer to play games, downloading Giftloop means you can do those activities while earning cash.
Low Effort Ways To Make Money In The Long Term

4. Monetize your website or blog – if you’re willing to put in a little time up front to build a site and a real audience, advertisers will pay you money, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Use a program like Google AdSense to have ads placed on your site; every time someone clicks, you make a little money.

5. Invest wisely – if you can set aside some funds to make an initial investment, whether in stocks, ETFs, or some other method, your investment could potentially pay off huge in the future.
Take the first step towards incorporating some of these low effort ways to make money into your schedule by downloading Giftloop now.

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