6 Secret Benefits Of Working From Home

6 Secret Benefits Of Working From Home


Working from home is ideal for many employees, regardless of their career. And more employers are starting to take notice of money-saving opportunities and happier workers, with a growing number allowing remote work.
But some benefits get overlooked in favor of things like no more commute; these six are reason alone to consider working from home – and they may even save you more money.

1. Make popcorn when you want

A shared office means shared smells. Everything from popcorn to fish can be annoying to employees, but when you work from home, you can eat whatever you want, including last night’s leftover fish.

2. No more dress code

When you work from home, you can typically wear whatever you want. When you work from an office, you’re subject to a dress code and cultural values. The first option is clearly preferable, but not having a business dress code also means saving money while being able to purchase clothes you’ll actually wear.

3. More productive work hours

When you have to commute to and from work, you’re taking hours out of your productive time, which can be turned into free time when you work from home. Do some morning yoga rather than sitting in traffic, and take surveys for extra money when you download Giftloop.

4. Hang with your pets

Your office probably won’t let you bring in your lizard and your cat, even if they allow dogs. Work from home and you can play with any of your pets, furry, feathered, or scaly, whenever you want. And if you do have a dog, you can cut out the need for walkers during the day, saving even more.

5. Get rid of office politics

Workplace drama makes for good TV, but in reality, it’s a drag on your productivity. Keep focused on your work and avoid getting swept up in gossip when you’re the only employee at your office, wherever it is.

6. Be more relaxed

Imagine not having to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic each morning, or squeezing onto a packed bus or train. Just knocking out your commute will help alleviate some of your daily stressors, as will being able to take the time every morning to wake up at your pace. Eating breakfast and fresh foods, spending more time with family, and embracing an overall slower pace will be good for your body and mind.

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