7 Of The Highest-Paying Work At Home Jobs

7 Of The Highest-Paying Work At Home Jobs


Over the last decade, technological advances have made it easier than ever to work from home — no matter the industry. Now, millions of Americans have made the switch from being on-site full-time to being home most or all of the time.

But the first question for many workers who want to make the switch is: “will I earn the same amount of money working from home?” Not all remote work pays the same, so if you’re looking to switch up your environment, you might want to consider these seven high paying jobs that you can do remotely.

Keep in mind, that for these jobs, you’ll usually either need a specialized degree, at least ten years of experience in the field, and a demonstrated ability to manage multiple responsibilities without being onsite.

1. Senior Software Engineer
Potential Salary: $100,000-200,000
Other Titles: Senior Web Developer, Senior Software Developer
Tasks: Develop software and other projects, manage lower-level developers, handle technical issues and debugging

2. Supervisory Attorney
Potential Salary: $115,000-150,000
Other Titles: Senior or Partner Attorney, Supervisory Lawyer
Tasks: Manage lower-level legal team, supervise cases and paperwork

3. Director of Business Development
Potential Salary: $100,000-150,000
Other Titles: Sales Director, Account Executive, Marketing Director
Tasks: Drive sales and revenue, oversee established clients and find new business, manage sales teams

4. Senior Medical Writer
Potential Salary: $110,000-115,000
Other Titles: Medical Editor, Technical Writer
Tasks: Create documents, review medical information, edit the work of other medical writers

5. Audit Manager
Potential Salary: $90,000-110,000
Other Titles: Controller, Financial Analyst
Tasks: Conduct audits for clients, plan and lead process implementation, maintain comprehensive records

6. Director of Quality Improvement
Potential Salary: $100,000-175,000
Other Titles: Director of Quality Assurance
Tasks: Design practices for the administration of systems or data

7. Director of Major Gifts
Potential Salary: $90,000
Other Titles: Major Gifts Officer, Director of Corporate Partnerships
Tasks: Build up donor relationships at the highest level for a nonprofit, manage smaller development teams, travel when required for donor events

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