Are You Earning What You’re Worth? How To Make More Money Every Day

Are You Earning What You’re Worth? How To Make More Money Every Day


Let’s face it: our society revolves around money, whether making it, spending it, or saving it. But according to a Gallup poll from last year, 4 in 10 Americans — around 43% of US workers — don’t feel as though they are paid the salary they should receive.

If you’re in that group who doesn’t feel like they are making enough money, there are steps you can take to improve your situation. Whether or not your employer is willing to pay you what you’re worth, these ideas will help you start making more money, right now.

Sell Some Photos

These days nearly everyone has a smartphone with a decent camera. When you sell stock photos, you can submit images you’ve already taken — such as some great shots of your trip to San Francisco — or work on “staging” images that could be used for blogs, articles, and other content. If you use images of people in your photos, you’ll need to get a signed consent form before submitting.

Sign Up For Paid Online Surveys

When you download Giftloop, you can play surveys — and earn money — from the comfort of your home, without needing more than your phone.

Drive With Uber Or Lyft

If you have a car that’s suitable for passengers and you have some spare time, driving for a ride share service can bring in some extra bucks without requiring you to do more than navigate your neighborhood.

Create T-Shirts

Are you creative with words and images? Designing your own t-shirt and offering it for sale through platforms like Teespring will allow you to reach a broader audience. You’ll want to do plenty of your own marketing through social media and your friend networks to build up awareness.

Write A Book

With Amazon’s ebook platform anyone can write and distribute their work electronically. If you have a wealth of knowledge or experience in an area, you could start with non-fiction, or get the creative juices flowing for a novel.

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