Are You Ready For Home-Based Work? Consider This Your First Interview

Are You Ready For Home-Based Work? Consider This Your First Interview


Interviewing for a job isn’t just a chance for your potential employer to get to know you; it’s a chance for you to get to know them — and to decide if that’s a place you want to work.

But working from home is different, as you won’t be heading into an office daily. You won’t interact with coworkers in person, if at all, and you may not be as concerned with a company’s office culture.

So how do you know if you’re really ready for a work from home job? You can consider this to be your first interview.

What Organization Skills Do You Have?

Bosses, assistants, and other staff will help keep you on top of your projects in an office, as they’re just an intercom away. But when you’re working from home, you have to be diligent and thorough with your organization skills. How many projects have you independently managed? How have you balanced multiple priorities?

Are You Familiar With Modern Communication Tools?

The chances that you’ll always be hopping on a phone call when working with a team or clients is almost zero in 2019 — there’s a good chance you’ll also be a part of video meetings, informal team chats, and other forms of communication. Most companies tend to use tools like Skype, Slack, and other similar web applications; how many are you familiar with?

How Often Are You Available?

When you work remotely, you may be interfacing with people from different time zones around the world. Are you going to be available only certain times, and how do you plan on addressing any time-sensitive issues that come up?

What Do You Do To Find Balance Between Work And Life?

When you leave an office at the end of the day, you can leave your work stress behind with it. But when you work from home, you can quickly get wrapped up in your work, only to neglect your personal life and self-care. Any work from home job will require you to find a way to stay motivated and engaged by finding a balance with your own life.

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