Don’t Get Burned: Tips for Spotting Scams and Shady Stuff

Don’t Get Burned: Tips for Spotting Scams and Shady Stuff

If you’re looking for new ways to make money from home, we at Giftloop salute you! We’ve covered plenty of ways to do just that, and of course our Giftloop app (available on the Google Play Store) is one of them. There are tons of great, legit ways to make extra money from home online.

But there’s a dark side to trying to make money from home. There are lots of scammy, spammy, shady sites and apps out there that prey on people looking to make extra cash. Some merely waste your time by failing to pay out. Others harvest your personal information, and some scams even steal your money!

We want to help you avoid getting burned by bad guys like these. Here are a few tips.

Tip 1: Look Closely

Legit sites and apps have the funding and staff needed to make things look good. So look closely. If you see lots of typos, a broken-looking website, sketchy looking ads, or really weird looking URLs, it’s probably not legit.

Tip 2: Just Google It

If your scam-o-meter is tingling, you’re right to pause. One great way to check if an opportunity is legit is to Google it. Good opportunities will show up high in the search results, and you should see reputable-looking reviews. Try searching “is [name of site] legit” or “is [name of site] a scam” and see what sorts of reviews you find.

Bonus tip: Some reviews out there could be fake or “spin” articles, so don’t stop with the first review. Look for reviews that themselves look reputable and high-quality.

Tip 3: Don’t Pay to Play…Unless You’re Absolutely Sure

Very few legit make money from home sites require you to pay for access. If a site is asking for you to pay or otherwise trying to get at your financial information, it is most likely a scam. Stay away unless you’re 110% sure of what you’re doing.

Stay Safe with Giftloop

Of course, you’ll have nothing to worry about within the Giftloop app. With thousands of satisfied users, you’ll be in good company!



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