EasyShift: Another Great App for Nontraditional Income

EasyShift: Another Great App for Nontraditional Income



At Giftloop we want to keep helping our audience find great ways to make money from home and all sorts of other nontraditional ways. With that in mind, we’re back this week with another great app for nontraditional income: EasyShift.

How EasyShift Works

Similar to some other apps that we’ve reviewed, EasyShift fills a need in the market. Brands and retailers need feedback on how well individual locations are doing at presenting various products. It’s not feasible to hire a nationwide network of full-time employees to do this kind of work, though. That’s why many companies have turned to services like EasyShift to pay regular people like you and me to do this work for them.


A Real-World Example

For this review, we will get really specific with a real world example of how shifts on EasyShift work. I just opened up the app, and I see that at a grocery store near me there are two shifts available. 

One of them involves taking pictures of all the refrigerated coolers inside this particular store. I could earn $8 off the bat, plus $0.50 for every cooler that I managed to photograph.

The app even gives me an estimate of what my average payout is and how long most people would spend on the task. This lets me know upfront whether a particular shift is likely to be worth my time.


Our Verdict

Our verdict is that just about any EasyShift that’s available without going too far out of your way is totally worth doing. Check out EasyShift’s website for more info.


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