Every Little Bit Helps: Everyone Should Use This Easy Money from Home App

Every Little Bit Helps: Everyone Should Use This Easy Money from Home App


Here at Giftloop, we love helping our users earn money at home. That’s what our app is all about! But we know we’re not the only ones giving people make money at home options, and that’s why we keep spreading the word about other ways to do just that.

This week we’re talking about a dead simple app that every single one of us can use! It doesn’t make a ton of money, but it’s so easy and quick to use that we think everyone should have this app installed. We’re talking about Google Opinion Rewards Surveys App.


Google Opinion Rewards Surveys App: Micro Surveys for Real Money

Google Opinion Rewards Surveys App connects companies and researchers with real-world people (like you and me). Companies and researchers are willing to pay regular folks for their opinions on a wide variety of topics.


What Sets It Apart from the Rest

If you’ve been making money from home for long, you’ve no doubt come across plenty of survey sites. But so many of them are shady, or you get roped into 15 or 30 minutes of work for just $3. That’s no fun.

What sets the Google Opinion Rewards Survey App apart is that the surveys are amazingly short. Like, 10 to 30 seconds short. They don’t pay a ton, but they only take 10 seconds. Also, the app is 100% legit: it’s backed by Google, and it pays out via PayPal.


Giftloop Is Your Truly Passive Money-Making App

Of course we want to remind you to keep using Giftloop, too! It’s the best app for making money while charging your phone. And we have plenty of surveys, too! If you haven’t checked in on Giftloop in a while, now’s the time.


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