Make Money While Shopping with ProductTube

Make Money While Shopping with ProductTube


Make Money While Shopping with ProductTube

This week we’re back with another great way to make money! It’s not quite making money from home, but it’s close.

How close? Well, do you shop for stuff, like groceries or home essentials? We thought so! If you shop for stuff, you can make money with an awesome app called ProductTube.

ProductTube: How It Works

If you have a smartphone, you can use ProductTube while shopping. All you have to do is take a video in “first-person” mode. That means you point your camera where you’re looking as you shop, and you narrate your decision-making process. That’s it! Your face doesn’t appear in the videos, though obviously your voice is heard.

ProductTube has another category of video that you take at home. These videos tend to focus on your use of a particular product and your reactions to it. You can probably imagine that in these, your face is often visible.

For your trouble, ProductTube pays you, redeemable in Amazon gift cards. And Amazon gift cards are just about as good as cash!

Where the Videos Go

One concern many readers have right off the bat is that they don’t want their faces plastered all over marketing campaigns for every product under the sun. We get it—that could be embarrassing!

No need to fear this, though, because the videos uploaded to ProductTube never reach the public. According to the company, these videos are “reviewed for market research purposes only.” They aren’t used in marketing campaigns or visible to anyone in the public.

Not a Videographer? Stick with Giftloop!

We think ProductTube is a great way to make money while shopping, but of course we’re partial to Giftloop, our awesome app that lets you make money from home, even on the lock screen or while your phone is charging! If you’re not using Giftloop yet, why not? Start today!



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