Giftloop Feature Review: Complete Surveys

Giftloop Feature Review: Complete Surveys

We’re proceeding onward with our latest Giftloop blog series, Giftloop Feature Review. Today we’re looking at yet another way to earn Giftloop coins using the Giftloop app, available from the Google Play store: completing surveys!

Surveys Are Super Popular

Who doesn’t love getting paid for their opinions? Surveys and survey-taking apps are an exceedingly popular way to make a little extra money from home online. We’ve reviewed several of these before. Our favorite standalone survey app is Google Opinion Rewards, and you can check out our full review of that app if you’re curious.

The downside to taking surveys is that it can be tough to find the sites and apps that are legit. You could waste your time on an app or on a survey, only to find out after investing a bunch of time that it’s not legit or you don’t qualify for the survey.

A better approach is to stay in the confines of apps you know and trust—like the Google app mentioned above, and like Giftloop!

Completing Surveys in Giftloop

Here’s how completing surveys in Giftloop works. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply look for available surveys among your available offers. Click on one to start. Next, simply proceed through the survey, answering the questions as fairly and completely as you are able. It’s as simple as that! Once you complete the survey, you’ll earn the advertised number of Giftloop coins.

How It Works

Surveys work a little differently than the more ad-based areas on Giftloop. With surveys, brands and researchers are looking for unbiased public opinion. Getting this information offline can be really time-intensive, so many companies are willing to pay online users for their opinions. It’s a win-win: companies get the opinions they need, and users get paid for their effort!

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