Giftloop Feature Review: Redemption Options

Giftloop Feature Review: Redemption Options

For the last several weeks we’ve been publishing a blog series titled Giftloop Feature Review. The reason why is simple: we want to make sure that everyone knows all the awesome ways to earn Giftloop coins using the Giftloop app, so we’ve covered all the top features. Armed with this knowledge, you should be well on your way to earning a good chunk of Giftloop coins! So with that in mind, we’re wrapping up this series with a post on how to use all those Giftloop coins you’ve been earning.

3 Ways to Redeem

Once you’ve accumulated some Giftloop coins, it’s time to redeem those coins for rewards! You’ll find three ways to redeem in the Giftloop app.

Redeem for Gift Cards

The first way you can redeem your coins is for gift cards. We offer a wide range of gift card redemption options. Some of our most popular gift card partners are Amazon, Spotify and Netflix. Check out what’s available right now, and keep checking back to see what’s new!

Note that not every gift card redeems at the same rate: you’ll get more bang for your Giftloop coins with some than with others.

Redeem for Cash

If you’d rather redeem for cold, hard cash, you can! We send cash reward redemptions to your PayPal account. It’s simple and secure, and your cash arrives quickly, too.

Donate to Charity

The last option for redeeming your Giftloop coins is to turn them into a donation to charity. You’ll find numerous charities available if you choose this option. We’re sure you’ll find a charity that supports causes that resonate with you.

The Choice Is Up to You

With so many redemption options—gift cards, cash or charity—Giftloop coins are pretty versatile. You’ve earned your coins, but what you do with them? That’s up to you!

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