Giftloop Feature Review: Try New Apps

Giftloop Feature Review: Try New Apps

We’re continuing our Giftloop Feature Review blog series today. When it comes to Apps to earn money, we’ve already looked at several of the awesome features in the Giftloop app, like how you can earn Giftloop coins playing games and watching videos and how you can even earn while charging your Android device. Today we’re turning to another of our top features, trying new apps.

Yep, that’s right: by trying selected apps on the Google Play store, you can earn Giftloop coins. It’s as simple as that.

Try New Apps to earn money

The first step of course is to download the Giftloop app, available in the Google Play store for use on all sorts of Android devices. Once you have the app on your device, head on over to the “EARN” section.

The “EARN” area of the app contains many different types of offers. Some of the offers are apps you can use for a variety of functions on your Android device. You might find some that aren’t particularly useful for you, and that’s OK. Others could be awesome enhancements to your daily routines. And what can it hurt to try them? You can always delete the ones you don’t like.

When you download an app through the Giftloop app, you’ll receive a certain number of Giftloop coins. You can then redeem these coins for gift cards or cash, or you can donate them to charity.

How It Works

So, how can we afford to pay you Giftloop coins just for downloading apps? It’s the same principle that we talked about in our post on downloading games. App developers sometimes need a little help getting discovered, so they pay companies like us to promote their app. Then, when you download their app through ours, we pay you!

Has it been a while since you’ve checked out this Giftloop feature? Fire up the app and see what’s available. And if you’re still holding out, download Giftloop today!


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