Gigwalk: Another Great Way to Make Money Shopping

Gigwalk: Another Great Way to Make Money Shopping


In our never-ending quest to help our readers make money from home and through all sorts of non-traditional sources, today we’re going to talk about Gigwalk. It’s another app that helps users make money by completing various gigs. Let’s look at how this enterprising money-making app works.


The Premise of Gigwalk

The premise of Gigwalk is that companies need brand intelligence that’s hard for them to gather on their own. In today’s global economy, businesses have a hard time gaining the information they need to identify and fix issues with their distribution channels. 

For example, it’s just a little bit complicated for a company based in New York to know exactly what’s going on with their products on store shelves throughout Nevada (much less Argentina or China!). Are products stocked? Are they displayed the way vendors agreed they would display them?


Gigwalk Crowdsources the Solution

It’s logistically impossible for every business to have staff members in the field checking all these things. Gigwalk has made it easy by crowdsourcing these tasks. That’s where you come in. 

Through the Gigwalk app, you can log in and find gigs near you. Most of these involve taking pictures of certain products in certain stores.

Some are short, five-minute tasks that may pay around $3 a piece. Others are much more involved, multi-hour projects with pay in the hundreds.

Everything is handled through the Gigwalk app, which is simple and easy to use. By using Gigwalk, you can get paid for completing tasks at stores you already shop at.


Giftloop: Even Better than Walking for Gigs

What’s even better than gig walking? Getting paid for doing absolutely nothing but charging your phone! Make sure you’re using Giftloop to make the most of your phone. You can make money while charging, from the home screen, and through surveys and videos in the app itself. Check it out today.

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