Give a Little More, Get a Little More: Google’s Audience Measurement

Give a Little More, Get a Little More: Google’s Audience Measurement

Give a Little More, Get a Little More: Google’s Audience Measurement  

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We’re back this week with another great make money from home option. This one’s pretty straightforward, too. Do you watch TV? (Doesn’t matter if it’s cable, streaming, or network.) Do you use the internet? Do you own at least one Android device?

If so, Google is willing to pay you real money (well, in the form of gift cards) if you’ll let the company survey your usage trends.

Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement

In a previous post, we covered the simpler half of Google Opinion Rewards, which is their survey app. That part of the program couldn’t be simpler to use, but overall earning potential is low. We still think everyone should use it, because every little bit helps.

Google’s Audience Measurement is a far more extensive thing, and the earnings potential is higher to match.

What You Can Earn

With Audience Measurement your earnings can add up quick! You can earn $50 for installing a router meter, $50 for your first TV meter, $25 for your second TV meter, plus weekly earnings for staying active.

Privacy and Security

Some users might have concerns about privacy and security, as the Audience Measurement program gives Google access to lots of your data. As far as security goes, there’s no need to fear. Google doesn’t collect sensitive data like usernames and passwords or financial info. All of that kind of stuff stays safe and secure.

As far as privacy goes, well, myself, I figure Google already knows pretty much everything about me. Why not make some money off it?

Giftloop: Similar Rewards, Far Less Work

As great as Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement is, it doesn’t hold a candle to Giftloop. We offer similar rewards for far less work, and you can even earn money while your phone is charging. If you haven’t installed Giftloop yet, today’s the day! Download here.


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