How Gig Workers Can Thrive Through the CARES Act

How Gig Workers Can Thrive Through the CARES Act


Even if you have not gotten the coronavirus or know someone who has, you still have been affected by it. The downturn in the economy has significantly impacted millions of Americans. The federal government acknowledges the struggle the situation has put many Americans through and passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security). This act offers many ways for even gig workers to have an income. Whether you drive for Uber, deliver for Instacart, or work as a freelancer, you can benefit in ways that you never could before through this act. Additionally, you can find other ways to get some extra spending money through money-making apps such as Giftloop.

How Do Gig Workers Benefit from CARES Act?

Losing your job is difficult, but for some, the lack of unemployment benefits has made such a loss devastating. If you work as a freelancer, gig worker, self-employed, or independent contractor, you would not have been eligible in previous economic downturns to apply for unemployment benefits. However, now, you can apply for benefits. Through December 31 of this year, you can apply to get an additional $600 a week for up to four weeks plus what your state offers in unemployment.

What You Need to Do to Get a Benefit

To qualify for the unemployment benefits you must have one of the following situations:

  1. Your employer closed due to coronavirus
  2. You must self-quarantine due to possible exposure
  3. You cannot continue to work due to risk of exposure or to care for a sick family member

If you do fall into one of these groups, contact your state’s unemployment office for information on filing.

Make Extra Money Now

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