How To Avoid Work-From-Home Scams

How To Avoid Work-From-Home Scams


While many Americans have found that it is possible to make money from home, there are, unfortunately, a number of scams that continue to pop up, trying to trick earners out of their money.

The good news is, these scams are becoming easier to spot when you know what to look for. If you’re searching for ways to make more money from home, these are the signs that you may want to look elsewhere.

You Have to Pay A Fee

If an employer is legitimate, they won’t ask you to pay them; they will be paying you. Steer clear of any “opportunities” that require you to pay for training or goods. In the best case, you’ll end up with a lot of expensive product that you can’t unload; in the worst case, your payment information could be stolen.

You’re Promised Exclusive Access

You may have seen ads popping up that promise you exclusive access to government positions or others that say they guarantee placement — in the first case, that information is already free, and in the second, no one can say they guarantee you a federal job.

You Don’t Need to Interview

If someone appears eager to bring you onto a team, but they haven’t interviewed you or considered your qualifications, they’re not offering you something legitimate. Any employer worth working for will want to verify the skills that each employee brings.

You’re Accidentally “Overpaid”

It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid giving any financial account information to potential employers. A current scam is when employers “overpay” you with a fake check, telling you to deposit it and send the remainder of the funds somewhere else. No legitimate business would ever ask this of their employees.

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