How To Turn Screen Time Into Paid Time

How To Turn Screen Time Into Paid Time


According to a USC study, in just one week the average American adult spends a whopping 24 hours online. Imagine if you did nothing but search the web from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm one day a week!

The craziest part about so much screen use is that your time is entirely unpaid, meaning you’re not reaching your full earning potential, not to mention those cases in which you may be paying to play a game or access a service.
So what if you could turn that time into money? Not only would you gain more income, but you’d be putting your online time to better use than fighting with a family member on Facebook.

The first thing you need to do to earn more from home with your device is to download the apps that will help make you money, and start getting rid of or paring down your time on those that don’t. When you use Giftloop, you can choose between multiple activities, from playing games to taking surveys, that won’t require much additional energy but will bring in actual cash.

Think about the activities you do online and how you can further turn those into money. Do you like to shop? Why not check out one of the many apps and sites that give you cash-back as real money just for shopping at the stores that you like. You can also try your hand at selling your own items, whether you make crafts or merely have lots of clothing that you never wear.

Another way to use your time productively to help you seriously boost your income is to learn a new skill. Pick up a second language, and you may find new, more lucrative job opportunities, or take a course on subjects in your industry to increase your worth in the eyes of your employer.

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