How Working From Home Can Make You Happier — And Healthier

How Working From Home Can Make You Happier — And Healthier


There are tons of reasons to want to work from home: more time with the kids, a much better commute, and no more office politics.

If you think working from home will make you happier, you’re right. Recent studies have shown that employees are more efficient, stick around longer, and even take less time off than their counterparts in an office. Of course, working from home is still work, and therefore requires the same amount of motivation and productivity, with the added catch that you’ll need to seek out personal interactions a little more often.

What this can all equate to is that working from home causes the average employee less stress. Knock out to-and-from commutes and skipping suits for sweats, and you will undoubtedly feel better each day. And when your pressure is reduced, you can see benefits to the rest of your body’s health.

One of the challenges for any office employee is lunch and snacks. If you eat out every meal, your wallet and body may feel the effects, but the stress of an office environment often drives workers to eat less healthy foods and be less active. At home, you can cook up a fresh dish in the kitchen, heat any leftovers you want, and make sure to surround yourself with healthy snack options.

Office workers tend to stay seated more often too, as they’re confined to a single desk space. When you work from home, you not only get to move about the house more but you also often benefit from more flexible hours that allow for morning yoga or noon gym session without impacting your performance.

Finally, when you work from home, you’re more likely to take the time to see a doctor when you need it, rather than waiting longer than you should. And when you properly manage your health care, you feel better overall.

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