Love Learning? Make Money from Home Coaching with Unbound

Love Learning? Make Money from Home Coaching with Unbound


If you’ve been following our blog for long, you’ve learned many easy ways to make money from home. Today’s idea is a little more serious or involved. It’s not for everyone, but if you fit the bill, you could make a serious part-time or even full-time income from home with this idea.

If you enjoy developing personal relationships and you’re willing to invest some effort, Unbound academic coaching might be for you.

Unbound: What Is It?

Unbound is a unique company that offers degree-seekers the opportunity to attain a college degree without attending a conventional residential college or university. High school students and young adults earn college credits by utilizing CLEP testing and other independent testing options.

The final goal of an Unbound program is the completion of a degree through a reputable university. Unbound helps people earn these degrees by tracking credits and keeping students on course toward graduation.

Coaching: This Is Where You Come In

The job of an Unbound academic coach is to provide students with motivation, testing resources and overall degree guidance via internet tools and weekly phone/video chats.

All Unbound coaches are assigned to a team of peers under the supervision of an experienced team leader. This format provides valuable information resources as well as accountability.

Academic coaching is not tutoring, therefore, knowledge in specific subject areas is not required. As a coach, your job is to facilitate, encourage and equip students for success.

Getting hired as an academic coach will require an interview. While Unbound does a great job of training and supporting their employees, you’ll need good organizational and people skills to truly thrive in a coaching role.

Note that Unbound takes new coaches only when they need them, so if they aren’t taking applications when you read this, check back soon.

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