Make Money at Home Using Your Biggest Asset

Make Money at Home Using Your Biggest Asset


In today’s gig economy, lots of us are looking for more ways to bring in a little extra. People search far and wide for ways to do just that—and sadly many people get suckered into illegitimate schemes or scams in the process.
Here’s the thing: for many people, their biggest opportunity for making money at home isn’t far away or lurking in some dark corner of the internet. It’s actually right under their noses (well, more accurately, their feet).
We’re talking about your home itself. It’s your biggest asset, and it has the potential to be your biggest money-making asset, too.

Share Your Home

Yes, we’re talking about home sharing. Do you have a spare bedroom? A home office you don’t really use? How about a basement (finished or unfinished)? What about a spare couch? If so, you should think seriously about sharing your home via services like Airbnb.

Many people make a serious supplemental income in this way. It’s especially effective for homes where at least one resident works from home or is otherwise home much of the day.

Not Much Additional Work, Lots of Additional Income

If you’re the type of person that tends to keep your home tidy anyway, then using a home-sharing service isn’t a whole lot of extra work. You’ll end up changing sheets and towels in the spare room more frequently, but otherwise your daily routine won’t be bothered much at all.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re rarely home and too busy to do this cleaning, you can farm out that work to another freelancer who specializes in cleaning and prepping short-term rentals.
While you’re watching the money roll in from your new home sharing rental, make sure your phone is making money, too. Start using Giftloop, a reputable way to make money while your phone is charging.

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