Make More Money At Home By Chopping Down Your Bills

Make More Money At Home By Chopping Down Your Bills


Having supplemental income sources is the fastest and most consistent way to make more money, but there are other steps to take that will start saving you serious dough, putting more money in your pocket.

Most people pay their cable bills, car insurance, and interest payments based on the balance displayed on their bills without thinking twice about it. But if you want more cash on hand, it’s time to question those balances and see if you can’t find ways to make them smaller, without needing to pay.

Look at your monthly spending, and break it down so you can see each bill’s total. Then, try one of these tactics and see your bank accounts go up, and bill balances go down.

Car Insurance

It’s very likely that your car insurance company offers incentives for things like avoiding accidents and keeping a clean driving record. But they may also give you a discount for taking a defensive driving class. It’s worth comparing your current insurance to other carriers to see if you can get the same coverage for less, and definitely check out any bonuses you can use to drop payments down further.

Home Insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance carrier will also likely offer discounts, particularly if you have a security system installed or live in a low-risk area. However, you may even be able to bundle your home and auto insurance if you work with the same company, which will give you a more significant overall discount.

Cell Phone Plans

If you have had the same phone plan for years, you’re probably paying a higher rate than you need to. There are prepaid and affordable plans if you don’t mind a basic phone (and like significant savings), but it’s possible that your current carrier offers reduced data or family sharing plans that will cut down your total bill.

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