New Parent? Should You Stay Home Or Go Back To Work?

New Parent? Should You Stay Home Or Go Back To Work?


One of the hardest choices for new parents is deciding on new work schedules. After time spent on parental leave, it can be difficult to even think about getting back to the life you once had.

For many new parents, the idea of going back to work is a necessity, as one income isn’t enough to sustain the growing costs of a growing family. And when you feel like you have to go back to work, it can make the days feel even longer.

But in some cases, you may actually be spending more than you think to do your job, meaning your income may not be going as far as you’d hope. A quick survey of your pay, potential opportunities, and time will help you decide what the best option is.

Work-Related Costs

There are certain costs that you can’t avoid in order to be able to work. The actual amount of these will depend on where you live and your personal choices, but it’s pretty much given you’ll regularly be paying for:

-Transportation, whether by paying for gas or public transit
-Professional clothing, whether you have to wear a suit or buy company-issued clothes
-Lunch or other meals
-Daycare for your children
-You may also need a computer or a smart-phone with specific capabilities, depending on your line of work.

Missed Savings Opportunities

When you work out of home, your time and energy become more limited when it comes to things like household management and shopping. These can be considered missed opportunities to save, which means you’re spending more because of your work. Some of the standard costs many parents see are:

-Being lenient with comparing purchases or finding coupons
-Shopping at the closest store, even if it’s much more expensive
-Ordering delivery or take-out food
-Purchasing more prepackaged meals

Work-From-Home Options

Of course, just because you don’t go to work every day doesn’t mean you can’t earn extra money on the side. Using an app like Giftloop allows you to earn extra cash while browsing the web, playing games, and taking online surveys — all of which can be done from anywhere in the house, at any time. Not to mention, when you’re dedicated to spending your time at home, you can find virtual and local opportunities to help boost your income depending on your experience and knowledge.

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