New Year, New You: Add These Money-Making Apps to Your 2020 Routine

New Year, New You: Add These Money-Making Apps to Your 2020 Routine


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It’s a new year, and it’s a new you—or it will be soon! 2020 is almost here, and you have big plans. Do your plans for 2020 include ratcheting up your income a bit? Here at Giftloop we know that starting the new year by increasing your income is a solid plan. With the suggested money-making apps below, increasing your income is fun and easy.

Must-Add App: Ratuken

One up-and-coming app has already paid out over $1 billion in cash back to its users: Rakuten. This money-making app is available for both iOS and Android. Rakuten’s strategy is as simple as it is rewarding. Shop at the over 2,500 eligible retailers and earn up to 10% cash back. You can also use the app to get in-store coupons and other perks.

With Ratuken, you will get paid every three months, so you can count on a nice boost to your income 4 times a year!

Make Money with . . . Money!

This next app simply spells success for your new money-making plan this new year: Money App (available for iOS and Android). This market research app will have you doing a variety of things, ranging from mystery shopping to participating in free trials.

If you love mixing things up, this app is for you. The variety of ways you can make money in this app keeps things interesting. And you can redeem rewards as early as two days after earning them.

Keep Increasing Your Momentum

A new year doesn’t mean you should stop your current money-making apps, If you’re already using Giftloop, keep up the good work! And if not, what are you waiting for? Add Giftloop along with the other apps discussed above so you can start 2020 strong and finish the year even stronger. What are you waiting for to start increasing your income??



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