Too Cold to Go Out? Options for Making Money From Your Couch

Too Cold to Go Out? Options for Making Money From Your Couch




Winter is officially here! While much of the US enjoyed a warmer than usual Christmas holiday, make no mistake: the cold weather is coming. And the colder it gets, the tougher it is to get out. The team at Giftloop gets this, so we’re here today with a few options for making money from home. With these options, you don’t even have to leave your couch!

Today, we’re curating a list of apps and ideas that don’t require leaving home. We won’t say much about each option, since we’ve gone in depth with all these options before. You can follow the links to learn more.

Two Options from Google

Google has two great make money from home options. The first option, Google Opinion Rewards, is a surveys app powered by Google. It pays out via PayPal. The surveys are easy and short (like 30 seconds short).

Google’s Audience Measurement is another option if you’re not too concerned with data privacy. In exchange for some of your data, Google will pay you a bit more. (Note: there are a few variations of this program, and not all of them are always accepting new applicants.)

Two Bigger Commitments

If you’ve got the qualifications and want something that’s more like a part-time job from home, check out our leads for academic coachingand for teaching English from home. Both of these are more serious commitments than quick app-based opportunities, but the income earning potential is much higher, too.

User Interviews Comes to You

User Interviews is the focus group and testing service that comes to you. Most opportunities take place in your home, perfect for the cold winter months.

And Giftloop, of Course!

We can’t wrap this up without reminding you how great our own Giftloop app is for making money from home. Take surveys, watch videos, and even earn while charging your phone. No need to leave the house!



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