Want To Make More Money? Start Here.

Want To Make More Money? Start Here.



Rare is the person who doesn’t want — or need— to make more money. If you’re in the majority of people looking for extra ways to earn more, this post is for you.

There are broad ways to make more money, like taking on another part-time job or two, but you can also use these six creative options to make more without giving up all of your free time. When you choose from these reasonable time commitments you’ll have more likelihood of keeping up your supplemental income for the long term.

1. Write an Ebook
Take your skills and knowledge and turn them into a short Ebook that you can sell through Amazon. Keep it short — most are under 50 pages — and you’ll have a way to earn income for years to come. Plus, a successful book lends itself to follow-ups.

2. Sell your wares
Do you have a creative hobby? Then you should start selling products on Etsy! The craft marketplace connects millions of shoppers with handmade, original goods from candles to carriages.

3. Take online surveys
You probably know that online surveys won’t make you rich, but when you sign up for several sites, you can find some pretty regular opportunities. Increase your income even more when you get paid to take surveys through Giftloop.

4. Find a high-interest savings account
Put your money to better use by switching to a high-interest savings account. Look at online banks in particular as many offer rates above 2%.

5. Rent out a room
While you may not want a long-term tenant, renting out a spare room on Airbnb here and there will help you earn some extra money without having to do much more than be pleasant and clean.

6. Become a notary
You’ll have to pay a little upfront to register as a notary, but once you do you can effectively run your own business and choose your own rates.

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