Watch Videos & Earn Money: Giftloop Feature Review

Watch Videos & Earn Money: Giftloop Feature Review

We recently started a new series here on the Giftloop blog called Giftloop Feature Review. Everyone on the team here wants to make sure our users are maximizing their earning potential, but that won’t happen if they don’t know about all the awesome ways to learn!

So we’re back this week with a new feature review. Keep reading to learn how you can earn Giftloop coins just by watching videos!

Watch Videos to Earn Coins

All users who install the Giftloop app onto their Android device can earn Giftloop coins simply by watching videos. These videos are ads, of course. Some of them will be relevant to you, and some might not be. That’s OK: you can earn coins either way.

Some of the videos you watch could be really interesting and entertaining, like movie and video game trailers! And you get paid to watch them.

How It Works

We know what you may be thinking. How does a company like yours make money? How does all this work exactly?

Allow us to explain.

Giftloop has made connections with a variety of advertising partners. They pay us to put their ads in front of eyeballs (like yours). And we pay you in Giftloop coins for being those eyeballs!

It all starts in the OfferWall portion of the app. Pick a video that you want to watch, view the entire thing, and then get your coins!

Watching videos for Giftloop coins is a great way to learn about new products and experiences— all while earning a little money on the side.

Redeem Your Giftloop Coins Your Way

You may be wondering what to do with all those coins you’re going to earn watching videos on Giftloop. At Giftloop we make it easy to turn your Giftloop coins into a wide range of rewards, including Amazon gift cards and more.

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